Kiehl’s: Powerful Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate


Firstly, happy new year guys! I have high hopes for this year!! Did anyone else’s 2015 also seem not so great? Anyway, that chapter has closed so onwards and upwards!

This post is about the titular product from Kiehls. Which, to be clear, I hate. Dislike. This is why I had been mentioning in previous unboxing posts to be glad to try new eye creams.

The texture of this, is something like a white semi opaque cream and does feel rich in texture. You’re meant to dab a bit on your finger with another finger and tap it around your eyes. I was recommended this by someone at Kiehl’s at my morning cream.

I had been using it on and off, without actually seeing any change. However, after using this for a week my under eye area began, yes..began, to form wrinkles. Not only that, it became super dry and sensitive. It was so sore for a good few days and I couldn’t put anything on it apart from some moisture intense cream at night..and even that stung.

After my reaction, I looked online for reviews and read that others had the same reaction. The intensity of vitamins was too rich, and just didn’t work (for us). Perhaps you’re not meant to use this on a daily basis, but the Kiehls ‘expert’ said nothing to warn me. Plus, you’d think that any reaction is a bad sign, even if you’re over using.

For this reason, I’m ditching the bottle’s not working for me and I’m in search of something else. I went back to Kiehls to get samples of two other eye creams. I’m not done with the brand or anything, but I’m definitely taking advantage of their sample policy and sampling before hand before I hand over a small fortune.

So guys, any recommendations on eye creams? Kiehls or otherwise?? Feel free to share!


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