Sephora haul..#2

Er, so I did a bit more than go back for round two at Sephora..I also went for third and final round so that post will come too at some point (though it wasn’t a haul I guess as it was two products…but I’m not sure what defines a please let me know!). This was a different Sephora (to where I did my first haul) so I was able to find a few products I couldn’t see in the first store that I knew existed on the website.

Here’s my haul:

And the contents neatly laid out:


Dr. Brandt – I got this mainly because I saw the word retinol. I’ve been seeing this in a few YouTube videos/blog posts and wanted to try it out. As well as the brand. Seeing as it was on sale I thought why the heck not right? There’s an overnight resurfacing serum and a BB cream as ‘gifts’ in the box which shall be interesting to try. It was still pricy, but it was also 25% off and to try retinol products I wasn’t going to go all out full priced on something. Hope it works!!

Benefit – I got this foundation in the shade medium which, from the tester, seemed to be a good match. It comes in a compact (with a mirror) and looks and first feels liquid/creamy which then transforms into a powder finish and dries quickly. I have the oxygen wow foundation from benefit which I’m still unsure of (she says half way through the bottle) but as this is on sale I went for a I’ll make it work mindset. Plus I’m sort of expanding my foundation ‘collection’ so why not

Sephora slimming oil – to be honest this was a meh-it-probably-doesn’t-slim-but-its-on-sale-put-it-in-the-basket’ kind of product. Let’s see if it works, but either way I’m sure my skin will seem smooth.

Sephora moisturising SPF – I got this in my first haul, loved it (and still do) so damn right I got more. I got one for my sister who is allergic to the sun too and since this is light and fuss free I thought she’d like it.

Sephora pore refining serum – I got two of these bad boys as they were 70% off, and who doesn’t want to refine their pores. Right?? That’s why I got two..for meeee. No idea where this goes in the routine…first up in selected areas or all over, then another serum over it the moisturiser. I’ll figure something out. Hope it works!

Sephora dark spot minimising serum – another serum to figure out how to put in my daily and/or nightly skin care routine. I have scars from acne (no thanks miss time of the month) so I wanted to give this a go. Again at 70% off, nothing to lose. And the other is for my mum as she has a few scars too. I’m curious to see how this compares to the next product..

Sephora brightening serum – Again I got this in my first haul and loved it so much that I got a second for me.

Sephora toner – the full sized version I wanted in the first place. Wasn’t too fussed, toner is always a good thing to have ..unless you’re allergic, eek which I hope I’m not :s.

So that rounds off haul numero 2, with again a bunch of sephora items and Dr.Brandt and Benefit to mix it up. To be fair, with discounts like this I didn’t really need to go out of the Sephora products much. I guess I’ll have a review at some point on these but what I will say is I already love what I’ve used. Only down side for the pumps is that you can’t take them to travel as there is no lid or anything (unless you keep the boxes).


Glossybox: Huygens Regulator Shampoo


So, as I mentioned before in my unboxing, I got this shampoo in a Birchbox so I knew what to expect. However, since then, I’ve been more into my paleo (natural) shampoos and hence used to sulfate free shampoo more than before.

I started to go sulfate free due to my hair lacking volume, and being limp and weak. I did a fair bit of research at the time and decided to ditch the sulfates for a while and do a test. I didn’t plan to go in depth in this post so at risk of giving you a spoiler to a future post.. I see a difference and I like it.

Back to this shampoo, I find the shampoo incredibly thin and runny. It smells nice and I sense the good things it has in it, but I don’t see how I can spread it on my hair – and its a difficult job as it is already without the sulfates. I figure I can get two washes from this, perhaps three at a push but I fear that may mean I have to wash my hair earlier than planned if I don’t put enough on. We shall see…

Although I think the brand is awesome, for me I don’t think these shampoos are quite right for me. They also seem a touch expensive for a runny formula that you’ll probably end up using more than normal.

Please comment if you have any experiences or recommendations for sulfate free shampoo!

Glossybox January 2016: Emite Diamond Heart Base Primer


I wanted to try this primer for more than one day, and I kept on actually forgetting to use this. Anyway, I’ve used this twice now and I feel like I can say something about it.

I have oily skin, so it’s always been difficult to find something that really combats this. But lately I have taken to making sure to moisturise before the primer and then set with powder, plus sometimes a finishing spray which does make some difference. The foundation that I currently use is the Make Up Forever HD foundation (not the Ultra one), which I use with the MUFE primer (not the current ones).

Anyway, I tried this primer with a BB cream (I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do that really) and with the MUFE foundation. I was more oily with the BB cream earlier than I became so with the MUFE foundation. I did pretty much every thing else similar.

For me, the primer is tinted but it doesn’t really show up on my skin, it’s like a peachy colour and it applies well to the face. With the BB cream, I got some flaking (I’m not sure how else to describe it, other than products rubbing against each other and then flaking off) which wasn’t great and also probably tells me that they don’t mix well and it’s no surprise that that the make up didn’t last as long. With the MUFE foundation, I didn’t get this and the foundation applied very well. To be honest, I can’t really say much more about it. I use primer’s since I know that they do help, but I haven’t really done a true comparison and test the longevity of my make up. I feel that I’m in such a rush in the mornings to get ready that I forget, and during the day I can forget.

In all, I have no problems with this primer so I will use it up, however I don’t feel any different (for now) nor do I see some great illuminating affects so don’t envisage me purchasing it afterwards.

Glossybox January 2016: Marsk eye liner pencil


So I’ll admit that actually it’s been years and years since I’ve actually used an eyeliner pencil. So full disclosure, my view might therefore not be the best but let’s carry on anyway.

It’s white in colour, which is meant to help open up / brighten the eyes and make it look more awake. I remember reading that as you get older your waterline becomes from pale to dark so a white colour would help counter act this as well. I also read though, that a beige colour is better than white as it would seem more natural. Ok so that’s my words of wisdom over..

It was hard to actually transfer the eyeliner to my waterline and the product did sort of bunch up along my lower lashes. It’s also white which makes me look a bit strange for an everyday look. Perhaps it would be alright for a night time look where you can afford to be a bit more bolder in the overall look..for me anyway.

Glossybox January 2016: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


This one’s gonna be quick, I’m not going to open this as we all know mascaras don’t last long once you’ve opened it and got some air in the tube*. However just a shout out to say how excited I am for this product and after the current mascara I’m using, I’m not sure whether to try this or the mini roller lash from benefit which I’ve also got stored up..

* I know that some people have multiple mascaras opened but I’m not really a mascara wearer. I only really use it to darken my lashes a bit after doing some eye-shadow which sticks a bit to my lashes. I don’t have long lashes either but I do wear glasses so I don’t feel the need to wear alot..hence I only like to have one opened at a time

Glossybox January 2016: Topicrem

Firstly, take a look at this lipstick! image


I do apologise for the appalling lack of focus on this, but I couldn’t quite balance taking the photo and putting it in focus whilst having the items balance on my knee (and if I’m honest, I’m a touch lazy to re take it and upload the photo.. I’ll admit it :S). However I think my point at being surprised when I uncapped this lipstick can still be understood right?

What a strange product! It’s clear and glittery. Well it’s got a hint of colour but I can see how your natural lip colour can really show with this product. You still can look natural without it being obvious that you’re wearing lipstick. Swatching it on my hand I have the really faintest of the faint pink colour. The glitter doesn’t really translate in the wear, which I think is perfect. If anything you get the subtle shine, like a gloss, without the sticky feeling as this is really quite smooth and feels moisturising.

Currently, I have this product on my work desk, it gives me something a little bit extra than a lip balm. I really like this!

Glossybox: January 2016

Well hello there! My Glossybox has arrived, which will be the only beauty box for me this month and I am not disappointed.

Here is my unboxing:


  1. Topicrem – Rouge a Levres Phantom. 5g – 12.50Eur
    • 5g – 12.50Eur. Full Size
    • Comments: This lipstick is meant to reveal your natural lip colour for days that you don’t want to have an obvious lipstick colour. I can’t actually wait to show you what it looks like, because it certainly took me by surprise!
  2. Emite Make Up – Diamond Heart Primer. 30ml – 35Eur
    • 15ml – 17.50Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not heard of this brand, and I don’t have too many primers at the moment so I’m happy  to trial this one out. I know that primer’s are important, but I haven’t yet delved deep into the world of primers so apart from the few I’ve tried I’m not sure if I’m able to tell much on staying power or anything like that…yet.
  3. Marsk – Bio eyeliner in Snowflake. 1.2g – 26Eur
    • 1.2g – 26Eur. Full Size.
    • Comments: Haven’t heard of this brand, and I don’t have a white eyeliner actually to brighten my eye area. So this seems perfect!
  4. Too Faced – Better than Sex mascara. 0.27fl oz. – 23Eur
    • 0.17fl oz -14.48Eur
    • Comments: Well, I have actually been hoping to get this in one of my boxes. I know I’m not a big mascara person, but after reading blogs and having this mascara mentioned quite a bit..well I am curious to say the least!
  5. Huygens – Shampoo infusion Blanche. 250ml – 17.90Eur
    • 30mls – 2.15Eur
    • Comments: I’ve actually received this before in a Birchbox (here and here) but I’m not entirely disappointed to have this again. I’m on a sulfate free mission for my hair and now it seems to be working, I think this will be perfect for my gym bag.

OK so I make this…72.63Eur. WHOOP. Love it when that happens. I always get this happy feeling like I’ve won when I open my Glossybox, and then again when I do the calculations here. I never really got that feeling with the Birchbox, and the value wasn’t ever as extreme like this so I’m not really feeling anything knowing that I won’t have my Birchbox this month. Glossybox is soooo the way to go! I also feel there’s a better balance between known brands and new brands to discover. What do you think?

Fresh: Soy face cleanser

I was given a sample by a good friend of mine who absolutely loves this cleanser. She said it was natural and with a light/fresh feeling so I gave it a go. I didn’t think of it too much at the beginning and didn’t use it for a while, but when I came back to it I remembered how fresh and lightly cleansing it felt.

So when I went to the US last year I picked up a bottle from the US Sephora.

imageThe lady at the counter said it was her favourite, and I think it’s got quite a following too. It was a bit pricy, I can’t remember actually but I want to say around 40$?

I only started to use it a while ago, since at the time of purchase I was already through my Vichy cleansing gel and wanted to finish that before starting on a new one. After using this morning and night, I’m not too sure which one I’d go for if I have one for the morning and another cleanser for night. Probably this one for the morning seeing as it gives a lightly cleansed, freshening feeling.

I currently use this with a konjac charcoal sponge, and I think it works well. You only need a pea sized amount and the sponge lathers it up and enables you to wash your face properly. The only thing is the sponge is hard to really clean but that’s me getting side tracked and for a different post..

In all, I enjoy this product. I haven’t yet felt the need to be loyal to any cleanser and always am glad to find a new product or try different ones. However this one, I feel that I might really like this as a permanent morning cleanser one day. For that to happen though, I’ll need to actually figure out a nice morning/evening skincare routine (rather than the random one I have now which mostly relies on my mood and timing). PLUS I’ll need to still feel the same way as I nearly empty the bottle. So many times I get excited about the product until half way and then think MEH.

The description on the back of the box for those that are interested:


Sephora Haul


Wow, I mean just look at that… that’s a lot of products right?? Well it’s the Soldes (Sales) here in France, and I love going to Sephora to stock up on everything I need..and try a few things at the same time. I love a good deal, and it just makes sense to stock up on the essentials when they are on offer.

So here’s everything I bought. (I bought another Ultimate Brightening Serum, top left too). With everything at at least 50% off, and some products at 70% off I think I did quite well..even if I still spent a fortune in the end! Full disclaimer, there were a few other products I know are on sale which this store didn’t have..I might buy a few more products later on but we’ll see.


As you can see (much more clearly) from this photo, all but one of these products are from Sephora’s line. There’s much better discounts on their own branded products, and their products are still well priced which makes the discounts even better.

I went a bit crazy on the cleansers/make up removers..purely because I don’t think you can have too many. If you wear make up on a daily basis, even a little bit, you’ll go through them fast if you want to really take good care of your skin. I’m trying to find/create a good skincare routine and no matter what these are important to take the make up off. I’m interested to see the difference between each too (milky, gel, water, exothermic). I don’t mind not sticking to the same products either, otherwise it gets quite boring I find.

I next went a bit crazy on the serums, however I wanted to give the lifting and brightening ones to my mum. I’ll be left with the night time one, which I’m excited to try and the brightening one which is supposed to help dark spots fade away (and I have some from acne scars).

Suncream, as it’s super important. This one is meant to be good for oily skin too, so I’ll see how it works and I might get another if I like it. The MUFE foundation I’m using doesn’t have any sunscreen, so I wouldn’t mind layering some up to protect my face during the day when I’m not at my desk.

There’s two masks, because there’s nothing better than to really clean/exfoliate/treat your skin. A toner since I should really use them more to help freshen my skin and keep the balance. There’s also nail varnish remover because why not, its cheap and it’ll get used.

Lastly, the non Sephora branded product is an eye cream. As I explained in my previous post, I’m on the hunt for good eye creams so I thought why not. It was pricy but still 50% off and ends up still being cheaper than the Kiehls Powerful Strength one.


Kiehl’s: Powerful Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate


Firstly, happy new year guys! I have high hopes for this year!! Did anyone else’s 2015 also seem not so great? Anyway, that chapter has closed so onwards and upwards!

This post is about the titular product from Kiehls. Which, to be clear, I hate. Dislike. This is why I had been mentioning in previous unboxing posts to be glad to try new eye creams.

The texture of this, is something like a white semi opaque cream and does feel rich in texture. You’re meant to dab a bit on your finger with another finger and tap it around your eyes. I was recommended this by someone at Kiehl’s at my morning cream.

I had been using it on and off, without actually seeing any change. However, after using this for a week my under eye area began, yes..began, to form wrinkles. Not only that, it became super dry and sensitive. It was so sore for a good few days and I couldn’t put anything on it apart from some moisture intense cream at night..and even that stung.

After my reaction, I looked online for reviews and read that others had the same reaction. The intensity of vitamins was too rich, and just didn’t work (for us). Perhaps you’re not meant to use this on a daily basis, but the Kiehls ‘expert’ said nothing to warn me. Plus, you’d think that any reaction is a bad sign, even if you’re over using.

For this reason, I’m ditching the bottle’s not working for me and I’m in search of something else. I went back to Kiehls to get samples of two other eye creams. I’m not done with the brand or anything, but I’m definitely taking advantage of their sample policy and sampling before hand before I hand over a small fortune.

So guys, any recommendations on eye creams? Kiehls or otherwise?? Feel free to share!