Product Empties #2


So here are my product empties since my last empties post. I’ll write a few words on each and because there are quite a lot here let’s go! (Top Left to Top Right then Bottom Left to Bottom Right)

  1. Hairways Professional: Repair Conditioner. I got this from my Deauty box. You can see the original posts here and here. I loved this product, it’s lovely smelling as I mentioned previously (minty fresh) and leaves a tingle to your scalp. It made my hair very soft and I liked it a lot. As for re purchasing, not for this moment. It’s something that’s for sure on my radar now though.
  2. La Cassidaine en Provence: Gel Douche Caramel Lacte. I got this from my Glossybox (posts here and here) I didn’t appreciate the smell that much, I’m not sure I want to smell caramel when I’m in the shower? I ended up using this as bubble bath which worked great. No strong caramel smell, but bubbles galore. This one’s a miss.
  3. Beauty Protector: Body Wash. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here), which just like #2 I used for bubble bath. I didn’t object to the smell or anything, but it was a perfect size to put in my travel bag. This one’s a miss, not because I didn’t like the protect, but because I’m indifferent to it.
  4. Klorane: Shampooing Sec (Dry Shampoo) with nettle. I love dry shampoo. It’s my saviour. I previously used Batiste dry shampoo, but when I moved to France I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I came across this little beauty in the pharmacy. I think this brand is well known, as is this dry shampoo and I love it. It’s far more gentle in terms of odour, feeling, texture and more natural smelling. This has already been re purchased.
  5. Vichy: Normaderm deep cleansing  purifying gel. I used this for cleaning my face as the brand is well known, and it’s around in pharmacies over here everywhere. I like that it felt like a mild cleanse, and I used it in the morning and evening, especially when I felt that my make up was still ingrained in my skin somehow. I’ve already repurchased this, but it’s a huge bottle so I’m letting myself use a different cleanser in the mean time otherwise it would take me ages to finish the second bottle.
  6. Lancome: Advanced Genifique. I remember really being excited to have this in my Deauty box (You can see the original posts here and here). I was so curious about this and to see if it worked, since I was looking for a serum at the time. Well you need three drops on your face, and it absorbs quite quickly. I’m not sure if it was because I was changing up my night cream or something, but I’m pretty sure this made no difference to my skin. At least it didn’t make a bad difference! It lasted a while as you use so little product, and the lid has a dropper. It’s a miss for me.
  7. No7: Advanced Hydration Day Cream. I remember using this ages ago and thinking that my skin became super soft over night (I used it as a night cream). However as I’ve grown older, my skin has changed and this didn’t give me the same effect as before. It’s a thick cream, so it’s great for dry skin, but for me with my oily skin it was used for night cream only. I liked this product but I have found something better, which leads me on to..
  8. Embryolisse: Lait Creme Concentre. This product was a recommendation from a friend of mine who said this was a holy grail product for so many people, and I know why. This is actually my third empty of this, so you can see how much I like it. In the beginning I could really tell a difference in my skin and how it felt more plump. As I get used to the feeling, it’s not as obvious anymore..however by switching up my routine (as I use products from my beauty box) I might see the effect again. I use this as a night cream, though I know dry skin users love this for the day to prep their skin. HIT.. I already have 2 more tubes in my cupboard waiting to be used after I finish my current night time cream.
  9. Erborian: Pink Perfect Creme. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here). I didn’t rate it much in my update, however the product did last quite a while actually. However any difference to my pores / imperfections or make up lasting power wasn’t that great. It was good to mix it up a little, and I know people talk about this brand and product alot, however for me.. a miss
  10. Neutrogena: Concentrated Hand Cream. I got this in a pack of 2, a very long time ago in a pharmacy. The fact that it is super concentrated and has taken me years to finish off these two bottles (mind you I wasn’t religious in using this) tells you that it last a long time. The cream is quite thick, as you might expect, but you can feel that it’s doing its thing when you massage it into your hands. For now, I have a bunch of creams (not necessarily hand creams) that I want to use, but I would purchase this again. It’s great, especially for the colder weather.

Well that’s it. It’s been a blast writing this ‘essay’ and I didn’t realise I had an even 10 products to talk about I just knew that I had ALOT of products piling up.

Let me know if you’ve tried these products and your views, or if you’re interested to know more!


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