Glossybox December 2015: Nocibe eye crayon update



Well this is an eye crayon in a shimmery pink colour, which is not what I’d usually go for if I’m honest. However from the swatch I was fairly impressed with the sparkly effect. I’d have said you would be able to use it as a highlighter too, but I feel there’s too much sparkle that blending would probably just rub the product away.

I tested this out with one eyelid primed, and the other one not. I have usually very oily eyelids so a primer is REQUIRED on major scales!! After an hour or so, they both are looking fairly good, with a minor amount of patchiness on my non primed lid. However on both lids, I was surprised to feel them quite dry which I wasn’t expecting as the crayon was quite smooth. So smooth infact that I was fairly hard to put on.

As a colour itself, it’s not something that I would use, and the pink fades away to my natural skin colour. However I can try using it on top of eyeshadows if I want a sparkle.


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