Glossybox December 2015: Naobay protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner Update


A nice shower to test out the last product from my Glossybox, AND in preparation for Christmas tomorrow! I was excited to have a conditioner in my box, as I believe I’ve also mentioned previously… I have more shampoo that conditioner, but also because I’ve been interested in this brand. It’s natural & organic, and the container here says that 99.5% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and 13.5% are from organic farming. With a quick glance, I can’t see any sulfates (I guess that’s more applicable to shampoo for the suds) or parabens (not sure about if this is also present in conditioners) and whilst I’m no expert on chemicals (far from it!) the ingredients seem good to me.

This smells great, kind of like how a lemon cuts into grease..if I can use that to describe a smell. I guess I could just say fresh instead? smells fresh! This product is not as thick/ creamy/intense as the Amika conditioner, neither minty tingly as the Hairways Professional conditioner, I guess that it’s due to being more natural. Maybe this effect I will get to see over a longer period than just one wash.

Alright, that was a massive marathon of posting from me. Have a great Christmas Eve everyone, enjoy tomorrow, and I’ll be posting again in a few days with my final unboxing for 2015!


One thought on “Glossybox December 2015: Naobay protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner Update

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