Glossybox: December 2015



Glossybox, you never fail to disappoint! In this month’s box I have:

  1. Etre Belle Cosmetics: Roll on caviar. 15ml – 41.90EUR
    • 10ml – 27,93EUR
    • Comments: Well I have been looking for something for my undereye area. I have my make up, but am looking for a good skin care product.
  2. Nocibe: Famous Eyes Crayon Maxi Jumbo Paupieres. 9.95Eur
    • Full size? – 9.95Eur
    • Comments: It’s a pale pink, sparkly eye shadow. I guess that would be great for Christmas/ New Years
  3. Noabay: Protective Haire Mask Volume Conditioner. 250ml – 14.99Eur
    • 200ml – 11.99Eur
    • Comments: I’ve always wondered about this brand. I actually saw this brand on Vente Privee and nearly ordered a couple of things, but I am glad to be able to try it out. I’ve generally been impressed with the hair masks/conditions I’ve received in these beauty boxes
  4.  Teeez Coesmetics: Lipstick in Oasis Gem. 2g – 20.06Eur
    • 2g – 20.06Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I’ve just swatched this on my hand and it’s already broken. The colour though is pretty dark and great for the cold (and making your skin fairly clear looking in comparison)
  5. Academie Scientifique de Beaute: Masque Multi Vitamine. 75ml- 38.50Eur
    • 15ml – 7.70Eur.
    • Comments: Vitamins, and a promise to help your skin. Yeah sure, let’s try this!

So overall, 77.63Eur for a monthly equivalent of 13Eur (for the yearly subscription, or 15.50Eur (I think) ) AMAZING. Love Glossybox, and indeed Christmas has arrived!




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