Glossybox December 2015: Teeez Lipstick Update



Trying to get as many posts as I can, since after this I may have another unboxing to post tehehe..

As you can see from the colour, and the swatch this colour is quite a deep, dark colour. It’s great because I don’t actually have a colour like this, probably due to the fact of not being sure whether I suit colours in this deeper range. The photo shows the colour to be a bit lighter than it actually is (the colour is Carat Crimson).  Deeper colours, in my eyes tend to wash out my face, but this seems to be a good shade where I don’t look pale / washed out, but with a nice brightening effect.

As mentioned, this did break on me, but I think I can still use this lipstick a fair bit until I’d have to use a lip brush I guess. Saying that I’ve only ever finished one lipstick before, and that was when I pretty only owned two so now I have quite a collection… 🙂



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