Birchbox December 2015: Sicilian body gel update


This smells quite nice, and I like the packaging. It’s too nice to use a product bubble bath I think so I’ll keep it in my gym bag/ travel bag for when I need to use it. I must say that I have had quite a lot of body gels/washes in both my Birchbox/ Glossybox so I’m glad to be stopping the Birchbox for the near future since I simply can’t use them all as fast as I seem to receive them! Plus I have a huge 1litre bottle of shower gel that I had before I ordered any boxes in the first place.

Last post for Birchbox in a while, I  think I will continue but very much on an ad hoc basis. I have some points that will help me on a nice reduction in the store which is probably the one thing I really like about Birchbox, but for the time being I need to stop the incoming products. Plus I still am not too happy that I had to wait 2 months for the top I had ordered and I had to keep chasing them up until I said to just give me a refund. Birchbox fail on many levels. I’m sure they just under estimated the response, and since they didn’t proactively reach out, I’m sure they would have just kept my money if I didn’t raise the issue. Not cool Birchbox, not cool.


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