Birchbox Update 2015: Eyeko liquid liner update



So I was fairly excited to receive this and so far, I’m not actually impressed. I’m not sure if it’s because it has been a while since I’ve used these types of eyeliner pens or something but I find it hard to use. It’s quite chunky so I feel that it is difficult to be precise too. The nib has a point but I feel like its still a bit too chunky if you want to do a cat eye.

The colour is black, but it’s not an intense deep black, and I find the nib not useful…at least not for my eye shape. I tried this on yesterday and I also got black panda eyes (which I didn’t notice until I got home..obviously). So for that reason I’m not impressed. I’ve got a good thing going on with my eye shadow primers and a thin layer of dark eyeshadow which doesn’t budge at I’m disappointed to have to pay attention again to make sure I’m not panda eye-d during the day. I can continue to use this until it finishes, but I hope the eyeliner ‘fall out’ / panda eye effect was just a one off..


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