Birchbox: December 2015

So as I mentioned previously , this is my last Birchbox for a while at least as I try to free up time to post more about other things rather than just unboxing posts. By the time I receive and write about them, the cycle starts over and seeing that I have a (tiring but still awesome) day job I have to prioritise what I would like to post vs what I have time to post.

Anyway, I have not been loving Birchbox a whole lot, especially compared to my Glossybox so it was probably inevitable. However, I had ordered in my November box a top from ba&sh worth 40Eur which never arrived in my box, and after being told it would come in December’s ‘box’ and didn’t… I complained and do not feel guilty ONE BIT about cancelling with them. Alright moving on:

This month was a bag instead of a box. You would buy a chain for 5Eur to attach to this bag, but I wasn’t convinced that it would be of good quality or of any real use to me so I didn’t bother. Apologies for the photo..but my package arrived like so:



And the contents:



  1. Eyeko: Fat liquid Eyeliner black. 3.5g – 12Eur
    • 3.5g – 12Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Well I have been waiting to receive an eyeliner in one of the boxes because I’ve been watching a couple of videos on how to do a flick with a hooded eye so I can’t wait to try this out with a pen liner
  2. ModelCo: Lipstick colour essentials. 3 x 3.5 – 17Eur
    • 3.5g – 5.67Eur
    • Comments: Thankfully this is not a red colour. I’ve got a bit too many red’s (from previously and from boxes). This is a nude looking colour which is perfect.
  3. Befine: Masque Visage Concombre. 120ml – 20Eur
    • 28g – 4.67Eur
    • Comments: I had received a masque from Befine from a August 2014 Birchbox I believe and it wasn’t bad. So happy to try this, plus with cucumber I am expecting cooling effects
  4. Kevin Murphy: Plumping wash. 250ml – 29Eur
    • 40ml – 4.64Eur
    • Comments: Another shampoo. I don’t mind though because it’s supposed to be good for thin lifeless hair. Hello!
  5. Skin & Co Roma: Sicilian Body gel. 230ml – 17Eur
    • 60ml – 4.43Eur
    • Comments: Body gel. Why not. In fact I’ve been using the body gel’s from the boxes (apart from this one) for bubble baths whilst I’ve been on work travels. This seems a bit more high class though, so I might put it in my gym bag.
  6. Birchbox bag.
    • Comments: Why not. The quality is cheap, let’s be honest. But then you wouldn’t really expect anything else right, Birchbox still have to manage profit margins and such.. I wouldn’t use it to go out since it’s flimsy, but as a make up bag perhaps


So in all the value of my products are 31.41Eur, for a box worth 13Eur. In all, I think the products are better, but it might just be because it’s also Christmas.. I have no regret’s for leaving Birchbox, I might or might not keep up with their offerings and what other’s receive but for now I think I’m good.



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