Bobbi Brown: Corrector & Concealer

I am starting to pick up a nasty habit of picking something at duty free each time I’m at the airport. (I say it’s nasty since I happen to be doing some intense travelling these days with work)

Anyway, after some sleepless nights and too many worries floating in my head my dark circles have been popping through on occasion. I decided to go for Bobbi Brown as this brand seemed to do this two step method to colour correct and then conceal. I’d been concealing previously but some dark colour still comes through which makes it worse. (I’d rather bare all than try to hide not well)


I am useless at judging colours so I asked for some help and got colour matched by the lovely ladies at Gatwick South. I have a light peach to correct the dark colour and then concealer to brighten. My eye area is naturally brighter than my face (which I was told would be the colour Natural) so warm beige suited better, and I love that there is powder to set included too.


Here is the corrector. The way that it is supposed to work is that this colour would be the opposite of my dark circles with the whole purpose of neutralising.


Here is the concealer which is, I guess, to brighten and match my under eye area. You’re supposed to pat this over the corrector as swiping it over would defeat the point. Additionally, I love that there is a powder to set.


In all, two products to hopefully help me on the days I need it. In any case, they are small enough to pop in make up drawer and/or my makeup bag. I’ll try and do an update at a later date once I’ve had a good time to test it out.


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