Maybelline mini haul from Boots


So I went back to the UK and made sure to stop by Boots. Boots currently has a 3 for 2 offer with Maybelline, which was perfect because I was in the search for the all famous the erase eye concealer.

So that would be my first product: the erase eye concealer that’s also meant to be anti aging. I have seen this product EVERYWHERE. So many people use and talk about this so so much. So I thought I needed to give it a go, and since I can’t find it in France I knew I could rely on Boots. I hadn’t an idea which colour to go for, so I went with Light instead of Nude. Nude is more my skin colour but since we want a slightly lighter shade I went for Light. Hope its OK

Now in search for two more items, my second choice was simple. There is also a lot of talk about this gel eyeliner. It’s supposed to be a very black black and gives other brands (drugstore and high end) a run for its money. Well I’m sure its this one anyway.. Worth a shot. Anyway, on the bright side…it comes with a brush!

For my third and free product I decided to go for the Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser. I’m not sure why I chose this, probably the packaging but I wanted to see if my pores can also be erased. Pores are meant to appear instantly erased for smooth looking skin. Well…let’s see

In all, these products were all £7.99 and with the 3 for 2 offer these three products came to £5.33 each.


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