Ofra: Long lasting liquid lipsticks


imageMy previous post on a group of (coincidentally 4) lipsticks were about Dior Addict lipsticks.

After seeing the internet blow up on Kathleen Light’s collaboration with Ofra on her Miami Fever liquid lipstick, I decided to give it a go after they brought the limited edition back. Since the shipping was around 25Eur, I decided to go all in and select 4 colours with some additional in the aim of putting it on ebay. This way, in my head at least, I could share some of the shipping cost and let people in Europe benefit from these colours, rather than choosing a bunch of different colours and if they didn’t suit..well it would have been a waste. Not sure if that makes sense…but it did to me at the time!

So I went for:

Miami Fever, a burnt terracotta colour that looked great on all skin tones from what I saw. Initially I didn’t like the colour, its more orange than the photos I’ve seen and I thought it clashed with my skin colour. However, having worn it for a bit longer the colour is growing on me. However it’s not as amazing as I thought it would be..I couldn’t find anyone that didn’t like it so I thought I couldn’t do wrong. So I’ll put the spare two on eBay instead of keeping one of the sparea as my backup stash (due to it being limited edition.)

Pasadena, is pretty much the colour of my lips. A neutral, my lips but better shade. I’m loving this way more than expected, so I’m keeping the other one and if I feel the need to order again, I’d love to exlore the similar colours of Laguna beach, Mocha and Americano. LOVE THIS

Mina, is actually a dark vampy purply colour. It’s a bit darker than I expected on me, which I’m a bit disappointed at since I wanted to find, and hoped this would be, a purple colour that suits my skin tone. I look slightly pale (never thought I’d see the day!) but if I blot out some of the colour its less intense and more wearable. So this spare one will go on eBay too.

Santa Ana, is a strawberry pink shade that I was really looking forward to. I don’t have a colour like this, and to me I can only describe it as innocent and Disney perfect. Needless to say, I love this one too for a subtle pink and will most likely keep my spare.

In all, I like the formula, it takes a while to get used to liquid lipsticks though. I find it easy to put on, and though you can get colour transfer, for me it stays on pretty well through the day. From morning until at least mid afternoon it will keep (unless you eat quite messily/oily) so I’m impressed with the staying power. Downside is probably the cheap looking and feeling packaging which you wouldn’t expect for a $20 product right? (I used discount code kathleen40 from Kathleen Lights, but it’s still a bit pricey!) Otherwise so far so good.


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