Glossybox Rose Gold: L’atelier maquillage update


Another mascara (here and here), and even though I should probably adopt a first in first out approach I decided to just go ahead and try this one. I was curious because its supposed to help your eyelashes thanks to the keratin, but also that it is meant to be removed easily – even some water can help remove (I guess that means no crying or rainy weather!)

I’m surprised with this, it was easy to remove and I didn’t get any irritation. I’m not sure if that’s normal these days, since the last time I wore mascara was a looooong time ago. Impressive all the same.

I also felt that my wispy, barely there eyelashes got a good dark colour and a touch of length however nothing too major. Just how I’d like it actually.

Another thing I remember about mascaras would be a panda eye effect during the day, however so far so good.

In all, I like this, and since its opened I will continue to use it. I think it would help as I wear eye-shadow and sometimes the powder coats my lashes, so at least a quick dark coat would help define a little bit.


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