Glossybox: Edition Rose Gold



This box was additional to the ‘standard’ monthly boxes. As I was already a subscriber I got a 10€ discount, making this box 29€ for a value of €147. You were told the contents of the box before hand and I decided that I wanted to go ahead and get this additional box as it seems value for money. Plus the packaging is so great right?

1) Luxie: Large powder brush. 21€
• Comments: I needed a new powder brush and this one looked interesting. It’s a large size which is perfect and the bristles are so smooth. I’m liking this already!

2) Icona Milano: powdery kiss lipstick. 5g – 18.50€
• Comments: lipstick is probably my go to these days, so I’m glad to have another one in my collection. The colour looks like it would suit me, I think I have similar shades of red to this one. I’ll be interested to see how it feels and wears

3) L’atelier maquillage: mascara keracare. 11g – 26€
• Comments: mascara…why not. I’m building quite a large amount in my drawer now…and I should probably get cracking on using it.

4) Karmameju: star micellaire water. 200ml – 18€
• Comments: looking forward to trying this out. As I previously mentioned, I’m very open to trying new brands and such if I get them in my beauty boxes. It’s a nice 200ml size too, so its great as I have a few travel sized ones so this will be perfect for my stat at home bigger sized bottle once my bioderma runs out

5) Hey Honey: take it off exfoliating honey peel off mask. 50ml – 26€
• Comments: always happy to try masks, anything to find a solution to keep my skin happy!!

6) Lange: BB crème sublime-moi. 30ml – 38€
• Comments: this product smells quite nice, and lucky for me, the colour also seems like it would suit my skin tone. I’m interested to see what this will be like.

In all, not bad. I knew what I was signing up for, with this special edition box and I still am happy with the contents. Plus it is super great value for money considering the price I paid (29€ vs the value of 147€). I love the packaging, the box is so pretty and I’m not having any regrets, no..not even if there was mascara in the box!

Due to the multiple boxes I’ve subscribed to, (and for the fact that I’d actually like to post sometimes about things other than my beauty boxes) I decided to stop my subscription to Birchbox after December. Even if I had a monthly subscription to Glossybox, I’d have still kept that one so I don’t feel so bad. I just feel that the Glossybox gives me more interesting contents as a whole…but it is more expensive (slightly) so that doesn’t surprise me.

Hopefully this will allow me a bit more time to post on what I currently have, than trying to keep up with what I keep receiving (which is also diminishing counter space in my bathroom!)


3 thoughts on “Glossybox: Edition Rose Gold

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