Product Empties #2


So here are my product empties since my last empties post. I’ll write a few words on each and because there are quite a lot here let’s go! (Top Left to Top Right then Bottom Left to Bottom Right)

  1. Hairways Professional: Repair Conditioner. I got this from my Deauty box. You can see the original posts here and here. I loved this product, it’s lovely smelling as I mentioned previously (minty fresh) and leaves a tingle to your scalp. It made my hair very soft and I liked it a lot. As for re purchasing, not for this moment. It’s something that’s for sure on my radar now though.
  2. La Cassidaine en Provence: Gel Douche Caramel Lacte. I got this from my Glossybox (posts here and here) I didn’t appreciate the smell that much, I’m not sure I want to smell caramel when I’m in the shower? I ended up using this as bubble bath which worked great. No strong caramel smell, but bubbles galore. This one’s a miss.
  3. Beauty Protector: Body Wash. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here), which just like #2 I used for bubble bath. I didn’t object to the smell or anything, but it was a perfect size to put in my travel bag. This one’s a miss, not because I didn’t like the protect, but because I’m indifferent to it.
  4. Klorane: Shampooing Sec (Dry Shampoo) with nettle. I love dry shampoo. It’s my saviour. I previously used Batiste dry shampoo, but when I moved to France I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I came across this little beauty in the pharmacy. I think this brand is well known, as is this dry shampoo and I love it. It’s far more gentle in terms of odour, feeling, texture and more natural smelling. This has already been re purchased.
  5. Vichy: Normaderm deep cleansing  purifying gel. I used this for cleaning my face as the brand is well known, and it’s around in pharmacies over here everywhere. I like that it felt like a mild cleanse, and I used it in the morning and evening, especially when I felt that my make up was still ingrained in my skin somehow. I’ve already repurchased this, but it’s a huge bottle so I’m letting myself use a different cleanser in the mean time otherwise it would take me ages to finish the second bottle.
  6. Lancome: Advanced Genifique. I remember really being excited to have this in my Deauty box (You can see the original posts here and here). I was so curious about this and to see if it worked, since I was looking for a serum at the time. Well you need three drops on your face, and it absorbs quite quickly. I’m not sure if it was because I was changing up my night cream or something, but I’m pretty sure this made no difference to my skin. At least it didn’t make a bad difference! It lasted a while as you use so little product, and the lid has a dropper. It’s a miss for me.
  7. No7: Advanced Hydration Day Cream. I remember using this ages ago and thinking that my skin became super soft over night (I used it as a night cream). However as I’ve grown older, my skin has changed and this didn’t give me the same effect as before. It’s a thick cream, so it’s great for dry skin, but for me with my oily skin it was used for night cream only. I liked this product but I have found something better, which leads me on to..
  8. Embryolisse: Lait Creme Concentre. This product was a recommendation from a friend of mine who said this was a holy grail product for so many people, and I know why. This is actually my third empty of this, so you can see how much I like it. In the beginning I could really tell a difference in my skin and how it felt more plump. As I get used to the feeling, it’s not as obvious anymore..however by switching up my routine (as I use products from my beauty box) I might see the effect again. I use this as a night cream, though I know dry skin users love this for the day to prep their skin. HIT.. I already have 2 more tubes in my cupboard waiting to be used after I finish my current night time cream.
  9. Erborian: Pink Perfect Creme. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here). I didn’t rate it much in my update, however the product did last quite a while actually. However any difference to my pores / imperfections or make up lasting power wasn’t that great. It was good to mix it up a little, and I know people talk about this brand and product alot, however for me.. a miss
  10. Neutrogena: Concentrated Hand Cream. I got this in a pack of 2, a very long time ago in a pharmacy. The fact that it is super concentrated and has taken me years to finish off these two bottles (mind you I wasn’t religious in using this) tells you that it last a long time. The cream is quite thick, as you might expect, but you can feel that it’s doing its thing when you massage it into your hands. For now, I have a bunch of creams (not necessarily hand creams) that I want to use, but I would purchase this again. It’s great, especially for the colder weather.

Well that’s it. It’s been a blast writing this ‘essay’ and I didn’t realise I had an even 10 products to talk about I just knew that I had ALOT of products piling up.

Let me know if you’ve tried these products and your views, or if you’re interested to know more!


Deauty #10: Vita Verde Update


I like the concept. Eye discs to apply on freshly clean eye’s to reduce imperfections/ dark circles/ puffiness etc. These discas are made from cotton and have a 98.5% natural ingredient list. You can use it in the morning or the evening on make up free skin, to give a refreshing and gentle feeling.

Well these discs are quite large, that I might just cut one in half so I have one for each eye. I’m not quite sure yet if you put them on your eyes (like cucumbers) or you rub it around (like taking off make up), but I’d hazard a guess that it’s not the latter. The discs are quite thick, it did take me by surprise actually. I guess I’m used to make up wipes which are quite thin.

Now that I’ve opened it, and even if it’s sealed, I’ll be using this now until I’ve used it all to avoid the drying out of the discs. I’ll see if I see an effect, but as of right now, I’m not super convinced.

Deauty #10: Body&Bess Update


I didn’t realise, but this is red! It took me by surprise thats for sure. The exfoliation and red colour comes from one of the ingredients..raspberries. The raspberry is rich in vitamin A and E, antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6. Super fruit basically. The grains are more fine and less harsh to your skin and I actually think I’ll end up liking this product. Not because of the raspberry, or the properties (though that doesn’t harm things), but because for some reason I can’t explain I had a good feeling about this product.

Anyway, this brand has been around since 2010 and the products are on skin care and focuses on various skin ‘issues’. I say ‘issues’ because I can’t find the word I’m looking for, and my french translation of the menu is just not going well at the moment! When I’m done with my smaller mask/exfoliation samples I’ll be using this twice a week and eagerly waiting the results!

Deauty #10:Naobay update


So, I’ve been super glad to have this eye cream since what I had been using sucked big time (I’ll have more on this in a later post). I was also glad to have this in my Deauty box since I have been curious about the brand, as well as searching for a new eye cream.

This eye cream is meant to have a strong concentration of cinnamon and aloe vera extract. These have antioxidant properties and also stimulate the circulation around the eyes. I’ve tried this just once to see the texture (its a white light creamy texture) and how easily absorbed it would be (easily in fact, with no tacky feeling). And I can’t wait to use this after I finish the Etre Belle roll on eye caviar I got in my Glossybox.

Deauty #10: T.Leclerc mascara update


I’m not trying this out, cos I don’t want to open it and then have it dry out before I actually would use it. I’m actually still on my L’atelier maquillage mascara (which I’m loving) but since I go so slow at using up mascara, it might be a while before I get into this.

However, more on the mascara, it’s meant to give you a false lash effect (don’t they all?). The wand is meant to be long and curved, an intense pigment and give a volume effect. Well let’s see, and maybe when I get into this product I can do a first impressions.

Deauty #10: The Library of Fragrance update


As mentioned, I gave this to my sister due to her middle name being Jasmine.
I do like the packaging, its a small tube sized spray that would fit perfectly in a travel bag or a bag.

The Deauty menu tells me that there are more than 200 different smells, based on daily smells. The three first smells were: herbs, tomatoes and earth! There are others like gin and tonic and play doh. Glad to have this smell then…though I sure would be interested to smell them all. As for purposes for the smells…no clue?! Lavender to help relax and sleep of course..but what would I do with a perfume smelling of tomatoes?!….any ideas??

Deauty #10: Unani update


This serum is meant to be very concentrated with hydrating properties to instantly transform your skin. It also has collagen in it too. You are supposed to use three drops and massage in circular motions. It is can be used morning and evening and is said to be adapted to all types of skin and skin maturity.

In my first impression, it has a faint smell which I like and it was easily absorbed into my skin – no sticky feeling. I do feel like there is a slight difference in my skin, I feel like my skin has improved especially in areas that had been suffering from the (annoying) monthly spots I get. Can’t wait to see what will happen after using this more..

Deauty: #10



Last unboxing of 2015! And it’s with a good one too, the Deauty Box! Deauty only delivers boxes on an ad-hoc basis to France, so I keep an eye out on their website and their facebook page as I think it’s absolutely brilliant. You get really good sized products for just under 17Eur. Yes it’s more expensive but the value is certainly there. Plus without having a monthly output, it doesn’t seem so bad.

  1. Library of Fragrance par Demeter: Jasmin. 30ml – 25Eur
    • 15ml – 12.50Eur
    • Comments: My sister’s middle name is Jasmine, so I’ll be giving this to her. It’s a good sized sample to put in your bag and the smell is great too.
  2. T.Leclerc: Mascara Volume Effet Bloom. 9.5ml – 22EUR
    • 9.5ml – 22Eur. FULL SIZE
    • Comments: Yet another mascara, honestly I’m receiving them far quicker than I can ever use them! Oh dear. This is probably the only product I wish I got something else instead
  3. Naobay: Renewal Antiox Eye Contour Creme. 20ml – 24.99Eur
    • 20ml – 24.99Eur. FULL SIZE
    • Comments: Super super excited for this. I am on the look out for a new eye cream, and I saw this product/brand on Vente Privee, and I nearly bought this. So glad I didn’t and now I get to try it out! Two Naobay products received in one month now (the other one in my Glossybox)
  4. Unani: Il-Luminate Serum. 30ml – 29.99Eur
    • 20ml- 19.99Eur
    • Comments: I’m glad to have this serum, as I just finished one (it’ll be in my next empties post) which co-incidentally I received in my previous Deautybox!
  5. Vita Verde: 30 Disques eau de bleuet. 30 discs – 4.49Eur
    • Full size
    • Comments: These are discs for your eyes area to freshen up and clear your under eye area. To use in the morning or evening on make up free skin. Interesting concept.
  6. Body&Bess: Facial Scrub. 75ml – 29.95Eur
    • 75 ml – 29.95Eur
    • Comments: Always love a good facial scrub. I have a back log of products so it might take me a while to get to this one but I’m always glad to receive products like this (unlike mascaras!)

So in all, I make that 113.92Eur worth of products, for only 16.95Eur. Bargain or what? So it doesn’t even matter so much if I receive a product or two that I don’t like, as on the whole it’s value for money and they are brands/products I would use anyway! Plus you usually have a fair few full sized items, otherwise really great samples (unlike some other boxes).

Updates to follow from today til the end of the year on these products!


Glossybox December 2015: Naobay protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner Update


A nice shower to test out the last product from my Glossybox, AND in preparation for Christmas tomorrow! I was excited to have a conditioner in my box, as I believe I’ve also mentioned previously… I have more shampoo that conditioner, but also because I’ve been interested in this brand. It’s natural & organic, and the container here says that 99.5% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and 13.5% are from organic farming. With a quick glance, I can’t see any sulfates (I guess that’s more applicable to shampoo for the suds) or parabens (not sure about if this is also present in conditioners) and whilst I’m no expert on chemicals (far from it!) the ingredients seem good to me.

This smells great, kind of like how a lemon cuts into grease..if I can use that to describe a smell. I guess I could just say fresh instead? smells fresh! This product is not as thick/ creamy/intense as the Amika conditioner, neither minty tingly as the Hairways Professional conditioner, I guess that it’s due to being more natural. Maybe this effect I will get to see over a longer period than just one wash.

Alright, that was a massive marathon of posting from me. Have a great Christmas Eve everyone, enjoy tomorrow, and I’ll be posting again in a few days with my final unboxing for 2015!