Birchbox: November 2015


I’m also happy with this months Birchbox. Less happy that I am missing the top I had ordered, and I’m expecting to receive that separately. The only reason I ordered that extra was because I thought it would be nice to have it with my birchbox itself (there was a collaboration with BA&SH)

Anyway, as for the contents:

1) Amika: Masque Triple RX. 500ml – 49Eur
• 20ml – 1.96Eur
• Comments: this hair mask is meant to help dry or damaged hair and increase resistance to breakage and make your hair look and feel like virgin hair. Sounds interesting right? This is good for two rounds so definitely interested to see how this works

2) La Roche Posay: Eau Micellaire and Hydreane Riche. 400ml – 11.50Eur and 40ml – 14Eur.
• 50ml -1.43Eur and 2ml – 0.7Eur
• Comments: I’m happy to try out this Eau Micellaire. As I mentioned in a previous post I think, I’m looking for other products to compare my bioderma to, just to make sure I keep repeat buying the best product for my skin. With the second one, I hate foil packets. Why??!! Grr. I’ll still try it though

3) Rituals: foaming shower gel sensation. 200ml – 8Eur
• 50ml – 2Eur
• Comments: I know I don’t rate shower gels, but I have been interested in this brand (from afar), yes I know its quite well known, and who doesn’t love foaming shower gels?!

4) Thebalm cosmetics: Fratboy shadow/blush. 8.5g – 17Eur
• 0.57g – 1.14Eur
• Comments: Again happy to try this as I have (again) been interested from afar. Everyone loves highlighters, especially from this brand so I was glad to try something, as currently I don’t use so much highlighters

5) Thermaliv – Soin jour nouvel age. 50ml – 20.90Eur
• 15ml – 6.27Eur
• Comments: haven’t heard of this brand and always looking to test new products. So this will be perfect for my travel bag.

So 13.50Eur is the value of this box. Are you kidding me?? That’s shocking and quite disappointing. That’s pretty much close to how much I paid, actually I think it’s exactly how much I paid? Considering you usually get a good value from the boxes…well that is disappointing. However I’m happy with the products so it could be very much worse.

(Feel free to check my calculations though, I could be massively making a mistake too)


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