Glossybox November 2015: Essence Eyeshadow Update



Here are the swatches. Side note, when I swatch I always feel like I ruin the perfection of the pressed shadows.. and you can see my unslightly finger marks in the picture below too.


All the colours seem pretty shimmery to me, and that’s (supposedly) not good for my kind of eyes. I’m not sure if I agree with that quite yet, as I think a tiny bit of shimmer in the inner corner or inner side of the eye lid can help brighten. They are powdery/buttery and for me the colour pick up is not as good as I’m used to (at least with the Urban Decay palettes) on the first try. I’ll try use this a bit more and see how I feel about it. I have a feeling though that the colours I’ll use mose are the middle two columns, and then the whites a touch. The shimmery black I don’t know if I have a need for, and the other black colour perhaps along the lash line.


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