Glossybox: November 2015


I am completely happy with this month’s box which was done (if my french is correct) in conjunction with some French Beauty YouTubers.

  1. Essence: All about Greys eyeshadow pallette. 9.5g – 4.99Eur
    • Full size – 4.99Eur
    • Comments: I’ve recently bought a few eyeshadow palettes so I don’t particularly need this, but I do like the compactness of this vs the Naked Palettes which can provide some variety to my Naked Basics 2 palette. The shadows also feel quite buttery smooth
  2. Benefit Cosmetics: Roller Lash Mascara. 8.5g – 25Eur
    • 3g – 8.82Eur
    • Comments: I’m completely happy with this. I know that I mentioned that I don’t use mascara alot (which is still true, and I ended up giving my So Susan mascara to a friend) but this is a small sample size and perfect for my needs. I don’t need a full size. Plus, I wanted to try this one to see how great it is, and I’m curious to see how it is.
  3. Panier des Sense: Huile de Douche Amande. 200ml – 9.50Eur
    • 50ml –  2.37Eur
    • Comments: This is what I chose, instead of the Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo. I know I also said that I don’t rate/ have an opinion on shower gels but I’m currently undergoing a specific shampoo routine so it wouldn’t have been useful to me. This smells great so I’m expecting at least something great from it (I think the packaging also raises my expectations too)
  4. Coslys: Masque Eclat (Brightening Mask). 75ml – 14.37Eur
    • 20ml – 3.83Eur.
    • Comments: Firstly…what product is priced at 14.37Eur?? What a strange number, maybe it was not Euros priced and the FX causes such an odd number. Anyway, happy to try masques especially if they are travel sized. If it brightens my complextion alot then thats great, and I’ll have to compare it more with the Huygens Gommage Visage masque which I liked.
  5. Talika: Photo – Hydra Day. 30ml – 35Eur
    • 30ml – 35Eur. Full size.
    • Comments. It’s a hydrating day cream which claims to be the first cream to use energy from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturise it. Well that sounds awfully scientificy and can something really do that?! Well, it’s a great size for travel and I’m definately looking forward to trying this. It came at a good time as well, as I had just finished my normal morning cream (Embryolisse Hydra Mat) which I had posted in my empties post.


In all, 55.01Eur for the ~13Eur I paid for the yearly subscription. Awesome! Keep it up Glossybox France!




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