Urban Decay: Naked 2 Basics

So as mentioned, I bought this basics palette as I had been looking for neutral colours. I tend not to wear eye make up at work, as it seems that not that many people do..great for sleeping in a bit more ;). So, I tend to stick more to my face instead, however if ever I want some subtle neutral colours on the days I feel like it or something for a casual weekend…now I have this possibility ;). Plus its a great size for travel. I know that it’s been said this is complimentary to the Naked palettes ( I have Naked 2) but I think using it by itself is still workable.

The packaging:



The palette:




I’ve seen some reviews on Asian (Chinese) skin and Skimp and Stark ..sometimes Frisk get lost. However all the colours seem to distinguish themselves from my natural skin tone which is great.

I chose this palette, not because its more cool than the warmer Naked Basics, more because I didn’t need to have a dark black and Undone offers a more subtle darker shade. Perhaps not the best reasoning but since I couldn’t decide between the two, that’s what helped me decide.

For me:

Skimp makes a good highlight shade, or a touch on the lid.

Stark I use for the lid

Frisk & Cover good crease colours

Primal & Undone for the outer corners


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