Product Empties #1


So, I don’t think I use up that many products in a month so I’ll just post empties as and when I have a couple of things to write about. In no particular order:

Bioderma Crealine H20 40ml:

I love this mini bottle, it’s great for travelling or weekends away and I can leave me bigger 500ml bottle on my bathroom shelf. I’ll be honest and say that before this, I didn’t try any other types of eau micellaire since so many people were going on about this product. However, I’ve already gone through a big 200ml bottle and ¾ through my second one (and this smaller bottle too) and I can’t fault it. It feels like water, it’s light and refreshing and doesn’t sting my skin/eyes and removes make up well. Since I live in Paris, it’s fairly easy to pop into a pharmacy and stock up but I’m not sure if it’s readily available elsewhere..or what the mark up would be! However I do recommend it. I do have the Nuxe version that I received in my Deauty box which I’ll give a go after I finish my current 500ml bottle, and I do hear a lot about the Garnier one too. I might alternate between them but I can’t see anything being as good as the Bioderma. => HIT

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lime Coolada:

Firstly, this smelt great, and the empty container still smells! I used this during the summer when I was in sunny Florida & the Caribbean, so a great way to test out an after sun if you happen to be in a very sunny place! I did accidentally get burnt whilst snorkeling one day, and that’s when I could see the benefits more. It moisturizes extremely well, and smells great (but not too sickly), feels refreshing and does cool down the skin. It’s a light kind of moisturizer, which I guess it has to be as you don’t want to have anything heavy on your skin after being outdoors. I’ll be looking out for their after sun products for next summer for sure. => HIT

Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion :

I bought this as I had already gone through a big and small tube of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre, and wanted something I could use for the day and looking for something to mattify my skin. Since it was the same brand, I thought why not. This started off quite well, but in the last ¼ of the tube I felt that the mattifying effects were becoming less pronounced. Of course, it did still have some sort of impact, and was much better than if I was to use the Lait Crème Concentre which is far too ‘rich’ for me during the day but as I finished it off, I think I’ll be looking elsewhere for a good day cream. => Miss

Huygens Le Gommage Visage:

I got this sample from my Glossybox and the more I used it, the more I liked it. The smell is quite strange though..rice puffs/krispies? I felt that my skin did get a good scrub after using this, and I don’t think I paid attention to if it did do all it claims (brightening etc) as I was just really happy to have felt like my face was freshly washed and exfoliated/clean. I do think I will buy this because I was pretty happy with this. It’s not something that I would like to use every day though, it might become too harsh over time to use and my skin may cause me more problems and continue to produce excess oils, even if I used toner. But for days when I feel like I need/want a clean face..this is perfect => HIT

Huygens Shampoo Regulateur:

I got this from my Birchbox and I have to say that since there are no sulfates, there are no suds which is a strange feeling. It’s not something that’s new to me since I am trying all natural shampoos at the moment, but I want to highlight that as it is strange at first. Since there are no suds, it’s hard to massage it around so you do have to dilute it with water to try and massage the product in. The shampoo itself was quite runny and smelt quite nice, a pharmaceutical like smell. I only got 2 or 3 uses from this since I admit in just using more product instead of massaging what I already used around with water. For now, I’m not going to buy it since the natural shampoos I am using are huge bottles and I am rotating the 5 in the set, so it will take me AGES to get through them. => Miss

Eternity Moment Perfume, Calvin Klein:

I had this little bottle from one of those mini sets you can find in the airport. I loved this smell so much that I got a full sized bottle. I’m really bad at smells, but to me its fresh and light and perfect for my ‘style’/nose. However, each to their own…(smell) => HIT


I just wanted to add this one in because winter is pretty much here, and Vitamin C is a must! I usually pop this in water in the morning and then drink it down. I don’t mind the taste and I feel like I get an energy boost (placebo affect perhaps..who knows). However, I don’t use this all the time, just when I’m feeling tired/sleepy or feel like I’m about to get ill. I don’t think it’s good on a daily basis (that’s just me vaguely remembering being told that, with no scientific reason behind it) but I’m not the type to regularly depend on something to keep me awake (coffee, soft drinks etc) so personally I’ll only use it if I’m feeling exceptionally ‘down’.  => HIT


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