Deauty #9: Hairways and DoveSpa update


These two are together because I’d really like some time before I review the next boxes (it seems like I’m forever on boxes…which is my fault really because I have no self control!)

So the conditioner smells minty and gives your scalp a tingling feeling, which I think is great! It feels like some magic is happening at least that way!! I really liked it, so I’m hoping to get a few more uses ( I tend to go completely over board with conditioner) because I have a feeling it did something great but I need to try it a bit more first.

The Dove spa body lotion smells like summer. Literally. I felt like it was June or something, when it was a cold dark November day. It’s got a little shimmer too in the lotion, but not too much. (I did wonder why my hands had some shine today at work). Anything from Dove is a winner though, so moisturising and I love their smells, the shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorant you name it. It’s like the febreeze cotton smell, really fresh and one of those smells that noone could hate (..right?)


2 thoughts on “Deauty #9: Hairways and DoveSpa update

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