Deauty #9: Nuxe Eau Démaquillant Micellaire Update


I was excited to receive this product. So far, I like what I’ve tried from them – samples of cleanser, toner and the stick and potted lip balms and I have the Huile Prodigieuse too. Usually to take off my make-up I use the Bioderma product (Créaline H2O) which I love, but I am always happy to try something new. I’m more likely to try something if I have a sample or get it in a box than for me to pick something randomly off the shelf, I just get too confused and question myself if I should get this one, or that one, or maybe this one .. (you get the idea).

Well, I did have a small foil packet sample of this, and whilst I like samples, there’s not much to really see. For example, the liquid is much thicker (if I can describe it like that) and heavier than I remembered (also liquid in a foil packet…ok yeah, it’s going to be runny!). I can’t describe it any other way, it’s not light like water or the Bioderma is, it just definitely feels like there’s something more in there. As for taking off make up, I’ve used it only twice, just so that I can give a little update on it, but it’s effective enough.

I’ll be actually finishing off my Bioderma bottle first before using this (I don’t like having too many of the same things on the go skincare wise), so I won’t be able to really comment until much later (since I have a fair amount left to go still). This way I can properly comment on it as regular use later on.


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