Birchbox November 2015: Thermaliv update


So this is an easily absorbed product which I think I’m fairly please about. It’s a repairing day cream which is quite light. It’s hard to say if its truly preparing but I can definitely comment more when I use it consecutively.

I guess that’s the thing, sometimes these updates I can have an opinion quickly and some products need more time. I’m getting through as much as I can though so in my empties posts I can really comment more.


Birchbox 2015: Amika update


It’s the second time I’ve tried out this brand now, and I’m indifferent/on the liking side more for this product. It’s like a repair mask for your hair that is meant to return your hair to virgin hair like standards, soft and silky smooth.

Well, this container is meant for two uses and after one I can say that it feels like a deep rich conditioner but I’m not willing to say (yet?) if it does more than other conditioners (at least on my hair)

Birchbox November 2015: Rituals foaming shower gel update


Who doesn’t love a bit if foaming shower gel? I mean you press the top and clear gel comes out and instantly turns to foam. It brings out any inner child I’m sure!!

This product feels rich and luxurious and smells equally so as well. I’m glad to have received this, purely for the instant foam factor. The last time I had this was about a decade ago with Imperial Lather I think.

I’m not sure how much it is but I doubt I’ll buy this since I’m not too fussed with my shower gel products (I’d use cream anyway if I needed to) but I’ll certainly enjoy this one whilst I finish it.

La Roche posay


I’ll just update in the Eau Micellaire since I haven’t tried the foil packet since I prefer to be not travelling or have a couple of days in one place to use it (damn you foil packets so small samples and inconvenient to test)

I’m actually so far happy with this. I had the Nuxe version in the deautybox and wasn’t too impressed first hand, but this one is similar to the Bioderma version. It’s light and water like. I’ll have to give it a proper side by side comparison in the efficiency of make up removal but so far so good. Love this travel size too.

Birchbox November 2015: TheBalm Fratboy blush update


This blush suits me really well. I’ve only recently started to wear a bit of blush, I guess its hard to find or know what colours look good on me. The good thing about this is that it could also be eye-shadow if the blush colour didn’t work out.
It’s a small sample but I’m fairly confident that I’ll be hitting pan on this and then some. Plus its great for my travel bag. I might even get the full size when I finish this… Love it!

Birchbox: November 2015


I’m also happy with this months Birchbox. Less happy that I am missing the top I had ordered, and I’m expecting to receive that separately. The only reason I ordered that extra was because I thought it would be nice to have it with my birchbox itself (there was a collaboration with BA&SH)

Anyway, as for the contents:

1) Amika: Masque Triple RX. 500ml – 49Eur
• 20ml – 1.96Eur
• Comments: this hair mask is meant to help dry or damaged hair and increase resistance to breakage and make your hair look and feel like virgin hair. Sounds interesting right? This is good for two rounds so definitely interested to see how this works

2) La Roche Posay: Eau Micellaire and Hydreane Riche. 400ml – 11.50Eur and 40ml – 14Eur.
• 50ml -1.43Eur and 2ml – 0.7Eur
• Comments: I’m happy to try out this Eau Micellaire. As I mentioned in a previous post I think, I’m looking for other products to compare my bioderma to, just to make sure I keep repeat buying the best product for my skin. With the second one, I hate foil packets. Why??!! Grr. I’ll still try it though

3) Rituals: foaming shower gel sensation. 200ml – 8Eur
• 50ml – 2Eur
• Comments: I know I don’t rate shower gels, but I have been interested in this brand (from afar), yes I know its quite well known, and who doesn’t love foaming shower gels?!

4) Thebalm cosmetics: Fratboy shadow/blush. 8.5g – 17Eur
• 0.57g – 1.14Eur
• Comments: Again happy to try this as I have (again) been interested from afar. Everyone loves highlighters, especially from this brand so I was glad to try something, as currently I don’t use so much highlighters

5) Thermaliv – Soin jour nouvel age. 50ml – 20.90Eur
• 15ml – 6.27Eur
• Comments: haven’t heard of this brand and always looking to test new products. So this will be perfect for my travel bag.

So 13.50Eur is the value of this box. Are you kidding me?? That’s shocking and quite disappointing. That’s pretty much close to how much I paid, actually I think it’s exactly how much I paid? Considering you usually get a good value from the boxes…well that is disappointing. However I’m happy with the products so it could be very much worse.

(Feel free to check my calculations though, I could be massively making a mistake too)

Glossybox November 2015: Talika photo hydra day update


So I was curious to see how this would be and its a clear white transparent gel like texture with a slight scent (but I can’t describe it..) and is easily absorbed. I only used it today so I’ll be honest and say its probably too soon to comment, but I will say that my make up did look rather brightening today…and I didn’t change foundation.

Time shall tell but for now, I like it. Anyway, any day cream that is fast absorbing is a winner. I don’t have time to wait around!! Oh on that note, I’m not sure if its thanks to the cream but I didn’t feel particularly oily today which usually happens towards the end of the day. I should probably take more notice tomorrow..

Glossybox November 2015: Panier des Sens Shower Oil update


This smells great. Like really. The packaging I also like too, the other shower gels I’ve receieve have OK packaging, but this one looks luxurious.

It’s smooth and silky but it does smell like you’re a big marzipan. Quite strange but not as sickening as the caramel one from the previous Glossybox.

However, its really hard to squeeze the bottle. I’m not saying this for no reason either, this bottle is super resistant to being squeezed just the tiniest bit. Maybe I’m supposed to let the shower oil trickle out? Hmm oh well.


Glossybox November 2015: Essence Eyeshadow Update



Here are the swatches. Side note, when I swatch I always feel like I ruin the perfection of the pressed shadows.. and you can see my unslightly finger marks in the picture below too.


All the colours seem pretty shimmery to me, and that’s (supposedly) not good for my kind of eyes. I’m not sure if I agree with that quite yet, as I think a tiny bit of shimmer in the inner corner or inner side of the eye lid can help brighten. They are powdery/buttery and for me the colour pick up is not as good as I’m used to (at least with the Urban Decay palettes) on the first try. I’ll try use this a bit more and see how I feel about it. I have a feeling though that the colours I’ll use mose are the middle two columns, and then the whites a touch. The shimmery black I don’t know if I have a need for, and the other black colour perhaps along the lash line.

Glossybox November 2015: Coslys Masque Eclat update



I like the smell of this, it’s like a touch of pharmaceutical smell but something I can’t describe but I like it all the same.. It is a peachy orange thick cream, that I could spread on my face. You keep it on for 10 mins before washing it off, and dries in what I can describe as chalky white. So far, nothing bad to say and if I like it after I had finished it, then I’d like to put it head to head with the Huygens Gommage Visage mask too