Birchbox October 2015: Sampar Nocturnal Rescue Mask Update


So I tried this rescue mask, it’s a leave on over night cream type of mask that is meant to repair your skin, shrink pores, reduce redness/breakouts. Then in the morning you rinse it off (I’d have needed to anyway as my face was quite shiny…I can only hope that’s the gunk lifting away from my skin)

The texture was quite nice, quite thinner than your expect for a night mask, but at least you get the impression that it is packed with goodness. It also has a very very subtle rose smell. As my skin is currently suffering (actually, when is it not?!) from breakouts, I put this on over night and I do believe it made a visible difference more than usual – full disclosure, apart from Argan oil which is an actual god-send, I do find that overnight my skin calms down to varying degrees if I use something or not.

If I did my calculations correctly, this little sample comes in just under 15Eur. Personally, for that amount of money for such amount I would expect miracles and beyond. And I’m not sure yet if this is a miracle making type of product. However, I will continue to use it and provide an update after I have used it in an empties post.


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