Birchbox October 2015: Best Hair Day brush update


I recently bought a boar bristle brush actually, it’s meant to help massage the scalp as well as spread the natural oils down along the hair shaft. I think it’s great for that, though I have only used it for a few weeks, but was always interested in the tangle teezer brushes. Being in a similar style, I’m glad to have it in my box.

So it’s really easy to use and brush your hair, and it also fits well in your hand. I think that it also ‘massages the scalp’ in the same way that the boar brush does as well.

Using this brush on freshly washed hair, it got rid of my tangles perfectly without being too rough, but as my hair ‘turns’ I’ll then change to my boar bristle brush. It’s also simple to remove the hair that’s fallen out from the brush (side note, it seems like all my hair is falling out these days…I know its normal but I swear its not.. 😦 )

Loving this!


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