Glossybox October 2015: Naked Lips – Super Fruits Update


I have dry flaky lips. Disgusting. I also have a very very bad habit of picking at the flakes since the roughness feels super uncomfortable and is super annoying for me.  Double disgusting. I have however found something that works amazingly well overnight (a post for a future date perhaps ;-D ) but am always happy to try new things..especially since sometimes I forget to put it on before bedtime.  Even if products aren’t as efficient as others, I always carry something for my lips with me (always!) and it will most definitely get used up.

So I was curious to see how this would work since it seems to be packed full of all the good (trendy) things, berry power, pomegranate power and all that. It smells like a really really good berry smoothie mix. On top of that, its super soft and feel super moisturised. I’m super happy with this product, for some reason I thought/ assumed the texture wouldn’t be smooth and I wouldn’t get any smell. However, it’s smooth and I can even put some lipstick over it without getting the weird glossy/slippery feeling and look.

I’ll keep using this, and I’ll be very interested to see if over a longer period of time, my lips stay flake free. If anything, I love the smell, it’s more natural than some of the chemical “berry’ smells I’m used to. Plus the fact that it is natural and pretty much organic just adds more positive points. Plus it seems a bit better to have something with as little chemicals as possible on your lips, where let’s face it, you end up ‘eating’ the product.

It’s a bit expensive (4 pounds/ 5 Eur), and it doesn’t seem super accessible in France (I’d have to order through a UK site that stocks the brand I think), so I’d probably just wait and see rather than going out of my way to buy it.


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