Kiehls: Eye-Brightening Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye

Due to lack of sleep, stress, general life I have started to develop dark areas under my eyes. For that reason I decided to buy some cream specifically for my under eyes, especially since the skin is much thinner and delicate, and my normal night cream would be too heavy for that.

Since Kiehl’s is right on my road and I always wanted to try something from there but never got a chance, I decided to head on over to grab something. I like the store layout, it’s very pharmacy like if you know what I mean? I asked for some advice and was recommended these two. Having also researched online, I know that quite a few people have only good things to say – especially the midnight recovery eye.

After a week, I have noticed some difference, and I’m positive that’s not because I’ve been sleeping more..because I haven’t :(. The eye area seems brighter and I’m happy with the results. It does mean I can’t tell specifically which cream is ‘better’ or if it’s a combination of the two. I put the day one just on my under eyes, and the night time one just a bit on my brow bone area as suggested by the kiehls salesman (hmm..need to find another word, I don’t like that word).

It should last 6 months apparently, since you don’t need a lot. So more in six months..


Ps. What I also like about Kiehl’s is the sample strategy. I like getting samples, it’s a good way to test products and see how they work. Plus as a consumer, we love freebies!! I read that they have this generous sample strategy because it’s simple and effective. It’s a great way to discover more products.

Side note – I don’t like these foiled samples that are everywhere, but the face wash and gel cream were in little containers that would be perfect for a travel bag. image


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