Glossybox October 2015: Nail Inc. Update


I’ve been looking casually for a neutral colour nail varnish, so I’m awfully happy that I received this in my glossybox.

I do love me some colour on my nails, but seeing as I am quite lazy with removing it, majorly chipped brightly coloured nails aren’t cool. I could get away with it at my previous work, but at my new job I just feel like I should leave old bad habits behind and my slightly more fancy location suggests that it’s a good idea too.. Anyway, neutral chipped colours blend in a bit more (should I ever forget!), but also seem a bit more appropriate for channelling parisienne chic.

I love this colour. LOVE IT. It’s the exact colour that I wanted to find, that fit’s my skintone, but never quite managed to. Here’s hoping I can find a greyish, brownish and purplish neutral style tones in the next boxes šŸ˜‰

Side note: much as I love my nail varnish, isn’t it a bugger to put on? Too much or too little on the brush, and then doing a nail perfectly to smudge it. This one seems much faster to dry though and dries a touch shiny so means a good finish and less time to remember to not touch anything!! Please excuse the photo, by no means do I have model like hands/fingers/nails – I should manicure and hand cream more often..

Anyway YES I could buy this when I run out…Thumbs up!!



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