Glossybox: October 2015

I’ll admit, I actually just signed up to a yearly subscription of Glossybox without taking a one or three month ‘trial’ subscription first. I’d read quite a few of reviews and comparisons on all the boxes and it just seemed like Glossybox seemed consistently good value, with better known (to me at least) brands and bigger sample sizes. It’s 156Eur a year and is slightly more expensive than Birchbox (which seems like the cheapest option, in France at least) but in my mind, the yearly subscription works out 13Eur a box, which is the same as a monthly pay-as-you-go Birchbox…so all’s good right?

So I received an email on the Wednesday 7th October and it arrived on Friday 9th October. That’s pretty brilliant right?

The delivery box was like so:


And the standard pink box design:


Now onto the exciting part…the contents:


From top row to bottom, going left to right:

1) La Cassidaine en Provence – Caramel shower gel. 250ml – 9.50Eur
• 50 ml – 1.90Eur
• Comments: Smells like Caramel!! How weird. I’ll be interested to see if the smell lasts or not, usually things that smell nice don’t tend to leave a lingering smell afterwards (at least on me)…then again I’m not sure if I want to smell like caramel all day either!

2) Nails Inc. – Montpelier walk. 10ml -14.90Eur.
• 10ml – 14.90Eur. (Full size)
• Comments: Love this colour. Been looking for a neutral colour that goes well with my skin tone and this is it! I automatically feel a touch classier with my neutral colour now 😉

3) Naked Lips – Super fruits. 4.25g – 4.95Eur
• 4.25g – 4.95Eur (Full size)
• Comments: Whoa, another full size! Eager to try this one out, my lips tend to always need a bit of loving so I have no doubt that this will be used in no time at all. Plus with all the superfruits packed in there, I’m keen to see what effect there is.

4) Huygens – Le gommage visage (exfoliating face scrub). 50ml – 19.90€
• 10ml – 1.99Eur
• Comments: Keen to try this out and see if my healthy glow appears!!

5) Too Faced – Chocolate soleil bronzer (medium/deep). 10g – 27Eur.
• 2.5g – 6.75Eur
• Comments: Never owned anything from Too Faced, despite hearing good things. Can I just say…it smells like chocolate!! Haha. Colour looks good, I think it will be a nice subtle bronzed/contour colour.

The glossymag that comes with it includes recipes, a trick to turn your glossyboxes into an organiser (pretty cool idea), and more info on the products. Since this theme was La Gourmande they threw some lindt chocolates in the box too. Some photos I’ve seen also had paper cupcakes cases…not sure where mine went :s.

In all around 30.49Eur of products for 13Eur. Two full sizes, and I’m excited with the box. SUCCESS!


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