Birchbox September 2015: Dr Sager’s Ouchy Boo-boo gel update

Ouchybooboo gel

I don’t really have much of a need for these kind of products, but it’s always good to have on hand should you (or anyone else) need it. Unsure how to actually use this and what it’s for exactly, the instructions tell me that it helps soothe, speed healing, reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort. This belongs in my first aid kit I think!

Trying it out on a few nearly healed mosquito bitten areas of my arm, since I am (thankfully) lacking in other cuts/grazes I can already tell you that I don’t particularly like the smell, and the gel is transparent but leaves a partially sticky feeling on your skin. Whether or not it does what it claims will be put to the test another day I’m afraid…

Unrelated note. I got an email informing me that my (first) glossybox is on it’s way! I hope to have that by next week..on verra!


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