Birchbox September 2015: Parlor Update


My hair scene is a bit dire at the moment. I’m not sure when it happened, but my hair became thin, fragile and of course …flat. It’s a pain to get any volume, and dry shampoo is my friend (for many many reasons). Lately now it’s just all out of my face/ tied all back…unless it’s freshly washed and I have somewhere to be!

In terms of styling products, I don’t have that much, maybe one mousse, one styling spray and that’s it*. So curious to see how this works I put some on (dry hair) and well, I guess it did it’s thing of holding a messy look when I ran my fingers through my hair for a sort of tousled look. However since my hair can’t hold volume or curls whatsoever, it deflated back to it’s natural poker straight position during the day. It does hold a bit if I style it during the day by scrunching up my hair for a messy look (with no additional product).

What do I think of this product? Nice smell, I’m sure it works, I’ll finish it off but I wouldn’t buy it. Mainly due to my lazy styling of my hair, but also I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not used to having hair products but I don’t like the feel of it either.

*excluding dry shampoo..which we know by now surely, is my friend. Best friend in fact.


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