Birchbox September 2015: Beauty Protector Update


I’d probably say that I don’t have a particular preference for any shower gel, it’s probably what I’m most indifferent to. I think only one type has ever stuck in my mind, otherwise they form a blur and just become “shower gel”.

Following this, my review therefore is probably equally as bland.. it’s alright. The smell was nice, it did it’s job and skin felt clean. I use loofah’s with shower gels since I feel the products really last much longer and you feel like you’ve had a really good scrub.

The product itself, do I recommend? I’m indifferent.. thumbs mid way, a shrug type of response. I’ll gladly put this little sample in my travel case though, along with my Amika dryshampoo from my previous post..


2 thoughts on “Birchbox September 2015: Beauty Protector Update

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