Birchbox September 2015: Amika Update


So, this bad boy was what I chose to test out today…well I didn’t so much choose to write about this, more that my hair suggested that a bit of dry shampoo wouldn’t be a bad thing exactly. The smell was probably the best I’ve smelt from all the dry shampoos out there (not that I let the smell determine what I would use…dry shampoo is a god send no matter what!), and it did do the trick.

It’s a nifty size for travel, which will be perfect and I’ll probably make good use out of this, and then lament when it’s empty (as my Klorane Dry Shampoo is too big to be carry on luggage 😥 )

One last thing though, it is pricy right…like priiicy. So for that, I’d rather stick to Klorane or Batiste. So product: thumbs up, price: thumbs down


One thought on “Birchbox September 2015: Amika Update

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