First Post!

Alright, so I had this idea to follow in the footsteps of many many Bloggers/YouTuber’s/Instagram-ers (?) and the likes and start my own beauty related..what’s the word..outlet?

I’ve just created this blog, I’ve set up a Twitter and Instagram account, and I’ll need to set up a YouTube channel as well…ah exciting times! Also I have just received the first item that I plan to really post about too 🙂

This is purely going to be a hobby, and full disclaimer, it’s a fairly recent one, so I’m also interested to see how things go! Um..especially since a) I haven’t really set up a blog or website before b) I haven’t really  used Twitter or Instagram or YouTube before! and c) time organisation..gotta through that one out there. Well anyway, hello learning process..!

Along the way, I hope that I can help provide more information on the various beauty products that are out there, and an insight for what works for me, and what doesn’t! Ok so….c’est parti!

p.s. I’m based in Paris so I guess I’ll heavily be commenting on things I can find around here, and what I can find along the way whilst heading back home to England or on my travels.


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