Birchbox: September 2015

Birchbox September 2015

What great timing, my Birchbox arrived today! I had decided to go for the monthly subscription and test it out again (my previous and only other experience with Birchbox was from August 2014), and was just in time to have the September box.

So, the actual birchbox is inside another box (see below), which clearly let me know what it was from the “B” on the sides. Exciting!

Birchbox September 2015

Here are the contents:

Birchbox September 2015

Going from top left to top right and then down we have:

  1. Beauty Protector: Beauty Wash Body Cleanser. 236ml – 12.50Eur
    • Est. 30ml – 1.59Eur
    • Comments: Smells like a ‘typical’ body wash, I’ll probably use this next time I travel for a weekend or so.
  2. Parlor by Jeff Chastain: Sea Salt Spray. 147ml – 21Eur
    • 30ml – 4.29Eur
    • Comments: I’m not so much into hair products seeing as my hair is quite thin and fine , apparently this is to help create a fresh-from-the-beach-tousled-wave look. I have my doubts but I’m sure I’ll try it out at some point.
  3. Amika: Dry Shampoo Perk Up. 232ml – 21Eur
    • 21.3g – 1.92Eur (approx)
    • Comments: I love dry shampoo, HOLY GRAIL item! Usually I use Klorane as they smell a bit nicer than the Batiste one’s, but always happy to try another brand and let’s be honest, nice smelling or not I’ll use dry shampoo anyway!
  4. Laqa & Co: Cheeky Lip Pencil Cray Cray. 3g – 22Eur
    • 1g – 7.33Eur
    • Comments: Def doesn’t go well with my skin tone, I’ll try it on my cheeks to see if it’s better. Let’s see..
  5. Dr Sager’s Skincare: Ouch! Boo-boo gel. 62g – 25Eur
    • 10ml – 4.03Eur (approx)
    • Comments: I’ll keep this one in my first aid kit I guess 🙂

So I make that around 19.16Eur worth of products for a 13Eur box. Not so bad.. I’ll continue with October and see how that goes.


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