Deauty Box: #9

Whilst researching for the various beauty boxes on offer in France, the main brands come to mind (Birchbox, Glossybox, Mylittlebox, My Sweetie box etc) but I came across a couple of reviews on the Deautybox. It’s fully available in Netherlands and Belguim I believe (monthly/annual subscriptions), but in France there are ad hoc boxes available.

More pricey at just under 17Eur, you actually get quit a few full sized items from quite well known brands. So for me, it seems to be worth it and I had to try it out.

The box looks like this:


You get a ‘menu’ and the contents were all in this drawstring bag which I found quite nice.


And the part we are all waiting for…the contents:


  1. Dove: Dermaspa Summer Revival. 200ml – 7.99Eur
    • 200ml – Full Size sample.
    • Comments: Though summer has (long) past, I don’t mind to receive this product. I like the brand, and the products always smell/feel great. Looking forward to using this
  2. Jane Iredale: Just Kissed tint for Lips and Cheeks. 3g – 26Eur
    • 1.5ml – 13Eur
    • Comments: I’ve heard of this brand from various youtube videos, so I am super interested to see what this is like. I have a feeling that it will be much better than what I received from Birchbox…(here)
  3. Hairways Professional: Repair Conditioner. 50ml – 8.90Eur
    • 50ml – Full (travel) size
    • Comments: It just so happens that I needed conditioner, I have tons and tons of shampoo and just seem to have no conditioner around. Not sure why that is, but great timing in any thank you deautybox šŸ˜‰
  4. Nuxe: Eau Micellaire. 100ml – 10.50Eur
    • 100ml – Full size
    • Comments: I usually use my Bioderma to take off my make up, and I haven’t actually used other products out there in the market since everyone raved on about Bioderma that I went straight for that. I’m curious to see how this will be, especially because I like whatever Nuxe products I’ve tested/trialed, and will provide me some comparison to what I normally use.
  5. Lancome: Serum Advanced Genifique. 30ml – 73.50ml
    • 7ml – 17.15Eur
    • Comments: Funnily enough, I was curious about this product a few weeks earlier. I was looking in Sephora for some serums ( I didn’t purchase anything however) and came across this one. I’ve heard about serums and am glad to be able to give it a go.

Overall, I make that 57.54Eur which is great value for the box and even more so when you consider that I am actually happy to receive all the products. I think I’ll be waiting for the #10 for sure!

As always detailed updates to follow..


Sephora Haul



Just a quick post on my Sephora Haul from a few weeks ago.. I had a 25% voucher to use and ..well use it I did!

  • Urban Decay: Naked Smoky
  • Urban Decay: Naked 2 Basics
  • YSL: Rouge Volupte Shine #4
  • Dior: Dior Addict Lipstick #623, #983 and #536

I’ve wanted the Naked Smoky palette for ages, and had always intended to buy it as soon as I had a good opportunity to do so. I had already the Naked2 which I have been enjoying (I might get the original Naked palette too at some point but I haven’t quite decided yet), I like the colour selection and the quality of the shadows. The smoky palette is obviously darker in colour, and more suitable for the evening and what I love to do. I feel that my best look is a dark smoky eye. I’ve had a quick use of the blue colours and so far so good, I’m hoping to have a play around more with these colours in the near future. Also the brush that’s included looks to be quite useful for a smoky look.. I didn’t like the one in the Naked2 palette much.

The Naked 2 Basics palette was something I decided a few days prior, simply because I wanted something more natural and barely there than the Naked2 can offer me. Plus the smaller size is perfect for weekend trips or work travelling. This palette seems to be a bit more powdery, which means that I just have to watch out a little bit more to avoid fallout. I’m not sure if its normal, as the Naked Smoky and Naked2 aren’t powdery at all…

YSL, I haven’t tried this yet, but suffice to say that I love the colour of this, and more than that I love the packaging. #4 is a fairly bright red colour which I don’t have already but am waiting for a good chance to test it out! I also wanted the #5 which is red with pink tones but they didn’t have any in stock.

Dior Addict…this was completely an impulse buy. I loved the first one #976 so much, that I NEEDED to get a few more ( I actually swatched and mini reviewed all of them earlier, here) What I love is the subtle hint of colour that can be layered to become more intense. Plus the smooth and moisturizing feeling helps my easily chapped lips. I simply cannot say enough about these lipsticks. If they had more colours in stock that suited me, I would have got more.

At random moments I should have updates about the 2 palettes and the YSL lipsticks, so keep an eye on this space!

Birchbox October 2015: So Susan Featherlash Mascara Update


So this isn’t really an update, more to say that I’m not going to test this out since I don’t use mascara that much actually. (Shock horror..I know many people can’t live without it, maybe since I wear glasses I don’t feel the need to?)

Anyway since you have to use it all or bin it by 3 months of opening, I’d rather wait til I know I would use it more…than testing it now and then letting it slowly waste/dry up. Perhaps during the festive period with more opportunities to dress up? We’ll see…once I have it in my empties I’ll be sure to comment more on it.

Birchbox October 2015: Huygens Shampoo Update


I literally just used this right now, the shampoo itself is clear and runnier/thinner than usual so I’d be careful you don’t squeeze out too much accidentally. It has a smell that I can only describe as pharmaceutical? For me, its not unpleasant but I don’t think it would it be super strong for those that wouldn’t like it.

There are no sulfates so it doesn’t foam up like the majority of shampoos out there, and I’m actually trying a range of paleo natural raw shampoos at the moment that obviously don’t foam up I wasn’t shocked by that. However it’s something that does seem strange at first. To get the shampoo distributed, run it over wet hair, massage it in as best you can, pop your head quickly under the shower for a split second and massage it in again. Worked for me. This way you don’t end up using the sample in one go instead of a few!

This shampoo is supposed to help regulate the sebum production and help make my hair last longer. Well…I can’t tell right now if it works or not so I’ll keep using it and give an update when I’m done.

Birchbox October 2015: Sampar Nocturnal Rescue Mask Update


So I tried this rescue mask, it’s a leave on over night cream type of mask that is meant to repair your skin, shrink pores, reduce redness/breakouts. Then in the morning you rinse it off (I’d have needed to anyway as my face was quite shiny…I can only hope that’s the gunk lifting away from my skin)

The texture was quite nice, quite thinner than your expect for a night mask, but at least you get the impression that it is packed with goodness. It also has a very very subtle rose smell. As my skin is currently suffering (actually, when is it not?!) from breakouts, I put this on over night and I do believe it made a visible difference more than usual – full disclosure, apart from Argan oil which is an actual god-send, I do find that overnight my skin calms down to varying degrees if I use something or not.

If I did my calculations correctly, this little sample comes in just under 15Eur. Personally, for that amount of money for such amount I would expect miracles and beyond. And I’m not sure yet if this is a miracle making type of product. However, I will continue to use it and provide an update after I have used it in an empties post.

Birchbox October 2015: Erborian Update


This little product is silicone based. Just wanted to throw that out there. I’m not sure how I feel (yet) about silcone based primers.. it feels..silicone-y. (So I try to avoid using it, and can’t really comment to well on it for that reason.) Well this one definitely feels silicone-y. It is slightly pink (rose) in colour and evenly spreads out, but the texture definitely let’s you know it’s due to the silicone.

It’s such a small sample that to be honest, I can’t tell how efficiently it works. I can probably be done with this in a few uses, maybe more if I only use it in specific areas.

For what I can tell you, is that it’s pretty much like any other primer (to me…someone who has a more than normal oily t zone). I also read somewhere that silicone isn’t the best for oily complexions? Without having more of the sample I can’t tell you much more than that. I won’t be purchasing this to find out though, the silicone texture puts me off more than the payback.

Birchbox October 2015: Best Hair Day brush update


I recently bought a boar bristle brush actually, it’s meant to help massage the scalp as well as spread the natural oils down along the hair shaft. I think it’s great for that, though I have only used it for a few weeks, but was always interested in the tangle teezer brushes. Being in a similar style, I’m glad to have it in my box.

So it’s really easy to use and brush your hair, and it also fits well in your hand. I think that it also ‘massages the scalp’ in the same way that the boar brush does as well.

Using this brush on freshly washed hair, it got rid of my tangles perfectly without being too rough, but as my hair ‘turns’ I’ll then change to my boar bristle brush. It’s also simple to remove the hair that’s fallen out from the brush (side note, it seems like all my hair is falling out these days…I know its normal but I swear its not.. šŸ˜¦ )

Loving this!

Birchbox: October 2015


I recieved this one quite late, I think it’s because I signed up for the September box quite lateĀ and there needs to be some sort of delay. Anyway, no big deal as I had my Glossybox October to preoccupy myself with! I was looking forward to this box as everyone gets a free brush in the style of the tangle teezer. Next month seems to have a collab with Ba&sh, so I might actually consider taking a longer subscription to Birchbox – but thats TBD since I have also discovered some other boxes/bags out there that seem interesting. However, I am quite happy with this month (even thought I was hoping for the Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire, but actually I’m not too disappointed.

So here we go:

  1. Birchbox Accessories: Best Hair Day brush – 10Eur
    • Full size
    • Comments: This was the main reason why I kept my monthly subscription for November! Can’t wait to try it out.
  2. Huygens: Shampoo “Infusion Blanche Regulateur”. 250ml – 17.90Eur
    • 30ml – 2.15Eur
    • Comments: I’m excited by this brand (see here) so I have high hopes for this shampoo! I hope it’ll do wonders for my hair, and regulate the oil.
  3. Erborian: Pink Perfect Creme. 15ml – 12.50Eur. 45ml – 33Eur
    • 5ml – 4.17Eur
    • Comments: Interested to see what this is like, it’s meant to blue imperfections/pores and adapt to your skin tone.
  4. Sampar: Nocturnal Rescue Mask. 30ml – 29Eur.
    • 15ml – 14.50Eur
    • Comments: My skin is constantly in crisis mode, so I hope that this will be able to do as it claims and reduce redness, blackheads and large pores.
  5. I love my muff: Lingette fresh. 25 wipes – 19Eur
    • 1 wipe – 0.76Eur
    • Comments: There’s only one so not much to say really.. indifferent to this and I don’t think I’ll even do an update post on this..
  6. So Susan: Featherlash Mascara. 11.7ml – 23Eur
    • Doesn’t say but I believe its Full Size. 23Eur
    • Comments: I don’t actually wear mascara so much, it always tends to rub against my glasses leaving marks behind or sort of rubbing on my skin/leaves my with panda eyes, and thats before I attempt to get it off! However, why not. I’ll see if this does the same. The only thing is that you can only keep mascara open for about 3 months or so for hygiene purposes so I’ll need to continuously use this one.

So that’s around 54.58Eur! NOT BAD!!! Even without the one off brush, that’s still a great payoff (44.58Eur). Nice job…may actually stick with you yet.. (well if November is great then I think so ;-)! )

Dior: Dior Addict Lipsticks

So recently I posted about these lipsticksĀ here. And I actually liked it so much, that I used my -25% discount at Sephora to buy some more..and the Naked 2 Basics Palette and the Naked Smokey Palette – both from Urban Decay (more on that later..)

I can’t pull off lighter reds/pinks so I tend to stick to neutral browns, darker pinks and reds and below is what I decided on. From left to right:

623:Be Shy – a brownish neutral

983: Insoumise – a slightly deep purple (it doesn’t appear so much in the swatch below but with another layer or two it intensifies)

976: Be Dior – an absolutely brilliant shade of pink..slightly deep brilliant pink

536: Lucky – a lighter pink for a much lighter casual look


These lipsticks are quite moisturising which I really like. However they are quite expensive so I wasn’t intending to buy any more of these. But in a moment of weakness, namely the -25% off from Sephora, I decided that I would get some more as it was even better than duty free prices. However I think the reason I went a bit crazy is the buildability (is that even a word?!) of the colours.

With a quick gloss over, you can get a hint of colour, but as you put on more layers, the colour becomes a bit more intense ( I just put about two layers on the photo). I think I really will go through these lipsticks quickly for that reason, different intensities of the same colour so I just need one lipstick in my bag instead of two for the day/night switch.

For me, my lips stay moisturised for quite a long time, and the colour and shine also stay – always a danger since I am always snacking/eating something! I def recommend these lipsticks.

Glossybox October 2015: Naked Lips – Super Fruits Update


I have dry flaky lips. Disgusting. I also have a very very bad habit of picking at the flakesĀ since the roughness feels super uncomfortable and is super annoying for me. Ā Double disgusting. I have however found something that works amazingly well overnight (a post for a future date perhaps ;-D ) but am always happy to try new things..especially since sometimes I forget to put it on before bedtime. Ā Even if products arenā€™t as efficient as others, I always carry something for my lips with me (always!) and it will most definitely get used up.

So I was curious to see how this would work since it seems to be packed full of all the good (trendy) things, berry power, pomegranate power and all that. It smells like a really really good berry smoothie mix. On top of that, its super soft and feel super moisturised. I’m super happy with this product, for some reason I thought/ assumed the texture wouldn’t be smooth and I wouldn’t get any smell. However, it’s smooth and I can even put some lipstick over it without getting the weird glossy/slippery feeling and look.

I’ll keep using this, and I’ll be very interested to see if over a longer period of time, my lips stay flake free. If anything, I love the smell, it’s more natural than some of the chemical “berry’ smells I’m used to. Plus the fact that it is natural and pretty much organic just adds more positive points. Plus it seems a bit better to have something with as little chemicals as possible on your lips, where let’s face it, you end up ‘eating’ the product.

It’s a bit expensive (4 pounds/ 5 Eur), and it doesn’t seem super accessible in France (I’d have to order through a UK site that stocks the brand I think), so I’d probably just wait and see rather than going out of my way to buy it.